Synchronizing your client list via Xplan

Keep your Feezily client list in sync with Xplan to avoid ever having to manually create or update a client in Feezily.

Configuring Xplan

If you wish to set up Xplan to regularly send Feezily updates to your client list please contact Feezily support for instructions.
During the configuration process you will need to upload a template that specifies the format of the data to be provided - that file can be downloaded here:

For details on how to configure Xplan to regularly send client update to Feezily call Feezily support and we will help you perform the necessary configuration.

Client data template

During the process you will need to use the following template file to specify the data that is to be included in the client data feed. Download it from here and then upload it to Xplan when required by the instructions: Client Report Template V2.ods

Special note: A big thank you goes to the wonderful team at iComply2 for developing this Xplan template and making it available to Feezily users.